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Your kids are growing up right before your eyes, don’t let cheesey phone photos be your only memory of these precious years…

5 easy tips for being an Awesome Mum-tographer

Do all the photos you take of your kids feel a bit same-same? Or perhaps you're entirely missing from them other than a few phone selfies?

Of course I’m always here if you need me to do the photo-taking for you, but there will be countless times where you as the ‘Mum-tographer’ will have to get the job done. Whether you have a ‘real camera’ or a trusty iPhone in your back pocket, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure you’re capturing the best version of your own family story.


Discover how to….

✓ Tell the story

✓ Get different perspectives

✓ Use the light

✓ Capture emotion

✓ Get IN the frame

Hey! I’m Heidi!

I’m a Gold Coast based family and newborn photographer on a mission to help mums document true stories of their children’s lives so they can look back on how those chapters FELT, and appreciate the perfection that already exists in their own everyday family story.

I have two boys of my own who love nothing more than getting dirty and making noise.

My favourite family photos are the REAL ones, showing the joy, beauty, chaos and reality of our everyday lives.

I’d love for you to join me in being the awesome ‘Mum-tographer’ in your own family!

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