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The Clift Family Beach Session

In those precious weeks before a new baby joins your family, life somehow feels different. Time slows down as you realise this chapter is about to end and a brand new one is about to begin. Days will be spent a little differently, and your time and attention will be split in different ways. I absolutely loved this session with the Clift family as they took the opportunity to capture this chapter before the new one began.

These kids are just at home in the water as they are beside it, so it made perfect sense to hold their session at the beach. Little Mala was keen to show off her skills on the board while Jimi enjoyed splashing in the waves with Mum before their new little 'Fairy Blossom' enters the world.

No doubt they will be spending many more days at the beach in their next chapters, but this was such a perfect way to remember how the days of this one felt. If you're looking to capture your family in their happy place, get in touch!

Here's a little snippet of the session below ...


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