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In-home newborn photography session with baby Taj

When you look back at your photos of when your first baby entered the world, the last thing I want you to see is a baby in a basket with flowers all around. I want your newborn photos to remind you of what that ever-so-miniscule period of time actually felt like. I want you to see how you stared for hours at their tiny baby features, how you fed them and bathed them and changed them. HOW you loved them, not just what they looked like. I want you to see the home you brought them home to, whether it was your forever home, or not. Your beloved pets, the special blankets and teddy bears given to your baby with love, the yard you wandered around when you needed to get out of the house. This time is so easily swept under the rug as ‘too hard’, but it's also the chapter we are often too tired to remember in any great detail.

Taj’s parents wanted all of the details of their special home in Illinbah bottled up to remember – the house, the yard, the farm shacks down the road. What a beautiful place he will have to call home.

Take a peek at the gallery below.


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