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78 kid-approved ideas for your family photos

So you've searched family photography Gold Coast and decided you don't want to just stand in a field and smile for your photos, but what else is there? Perhaps an in-home family photography session is more your vibe. It's not about having the picture-perfect home, it's about capturing your story in the place your people are most comfortable, which is usually at home. If your kids are the adventurous kind, perhaps your ideal session is at the creek or hanging at the beach?

As a general guide for sessions, I try to get people to think about the kind of activities they enjoy doing together. Every family and every chapter of life will look different, so it's important not to pick something that 'sounds fun' or that you think will 'look good'. If you're not a cookie-baking mum, let's find something else to do that is more reflective of you and your story.

Your photos should be a reminder of the things your family love to do together right now in THIS chapter.

Don't overthink this, perhaps even ask your partner or your kids! These photos will be for them too, and sometimes it's the sweetest and simplest things that are most special to them.

To get the ball rolling, I've put together a handy list of ideas...

In-home photo session ideas...

Snuggling in bed

Pillow fights

Baking muffins or cookies

Cooking a traditional dish

Reading books in bed

Playing with their favourite toys

Dance party


Fruit break

Dad chasing them around the house

Playing with pets

Tickle fights

Bath time

A 'family photo' by the front door of your home


Board games

Card games

Playing your favourite musical instrument

Decorating the Christmas tree

Birthday celebrations

Making pizzas

Snuggles with their favourite teddy

'Keepy Uppy' with a balloon

Hugging their favourite sibling


A family tradition

Renovating the house

Building a house

Let's not forget outside in the yard ...

Toasting marshmallows by the fire

Chalk drawings on the driveway

Eating ice-creams on the back step

Running under the sprinkler

Cannon balls in the pool

Bouncing on the trampoline

Water-bomb fight

Kicking the ball

Picking fruit/veggies/flowers

Playing in the sandpit

Hanging out in the cubby house

Throwing the ball to the dog

Riding bikes or scooters

Watering the garden

Wrestling with Dad

Blowing bubbles

Playing in the mud

Splashing in a kiddy pool

Collecting the mail

Waving to the bin truck

Feed the chooks

Collecting eggs

Swinging on the swings

Doing the kids' favourite household chores

Mowing the lawn

Riding a horse

If you're keen to get out and about for your family photos, here are some ideas ...

A trip to the beach

Picnic at the creek

Ice-cream shop

Fish and chips

Bike rides

Rainforest hike

Camping trip (ask me, I might tag along!)


Boat adventures

A walk to the local playground

Trip to the toy shop

Exploring the Botanic Gardens

Climbing trees

Sushi Train

Surfing or bodyboarding

Throwing rocks in a pond


'Barkey boats' (if you and the kids are fond of Bluey, you'll know all about this one)

Trips to Bunnings

Exploring rock pools

Visiting Nanna

Singing in the car

Feeding the ducks

Walking the dog

FYI, this is NOT a definitive list. You're more than welcome to hit me with your own ideas (in fact, please do!). We can do multiple activities as part of your session. I just want your session to be a fun day, not a 'shot list' – I want to capture the real laughs, the real cuddles, the tears and tantrums that may happen along the way.

I don't want you to just look at your photos and say 'look how cute they were then', I want you to say 'that was the best summer', or 'I used to love going there with them', or 'I love the life we've made', because next year your favourite things with be different, you've suddenly moved on to another chapter and it's all those little details that fade away...

If you're keen to capture your story, get in touch!


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