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"Heidi was really positive and encouraging about including my parents in our family photoshoot. 

My dad's reassuring words have rang true: "it takes a village to raise a child, so that makes us the village people!" Including "Googey and Pa" was therefore incredibly special and meaningful. 

Their special moments with him are made up of everyday activities - so when Heidi captured this on camera it was perfect and real!

Thanks so much Heidi for making it possible."

What they Say...

- Chloe Thomson


Your parents are some of the most important people in your lives, but now that you’re “all grown up”, how many photos do you and your kids have together with them? As we have children of our own, we gain a new appreciation for all that our parents did for us and watching them as grandparents is something that’s truly special. 

Perhaps your parents, are a bit ‘old school’ and aren’t into the idea of family photos, but you know that now is the time to capture photos showing their true personality and the real relationship they have with you and your family.

These sessions can be whatever mix of photos you like to include... both the ‘smiling at the camera’ shots (for Nan’s mantelpiece) and the relaxed, candid shots you probably love more. You want your life with your extended family to be remembered, make sure you don’t let another year pass before you capture the love and laughs you share with them.

The more the merrier...


Starting from $550

Here’s a run-through of how your shoot comes together and what you can expect from working with me.

How it works

Check out my FAQ page if you have any questions about my photography sessions on the Gold Coast.


On my recent trip to Melbourne, the Thomsons wanted to capture all Hugo's favourite things- a walk to their local pier, a play at the beach, all his favourite 'jobs' to do at home, and Googey and Pa popped in for a cuppa and a play before a bedtime story.

The Thomson Family

The Miller family wanted an outdoor adventure for their photos, we stopped along the way for a few different family combos as well as all the natural interactions and in between shots of cousins, sisters, and of course grandparents. The kids climbed trees and played in the water as we watched the sun set.

The Miller Family

This awesome family is actually my own. My parents have a small cattle farm that we often get together at. Nanna and Morfy love having all the grandkids around and our favourite afternoons are spent bike riding along the dirt road, feeding cows and picking fruit. I always make them get together for an 'official' photo but my family isn't so into smiling for the camera, so we get a lot of action shots, which are genuinely always our favourites.

The Jonsson Family


Capture the love and laughs you share with the people who mean the most to you with an extended family session

Extended Family Session

1-1.5 hour family session with Grandparents, cousins etc.  

A full gallery of digital images, usually 100+

A slideshow of images to music, to download

A mix of relaxed group shots, separate families,

kids playing and any in-between magic


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