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Her attention to detail is beautiful and she captured our everyday life – the unspoken things, emotions, the way we look at each other, and the friendship between our two girls. You can't stage that.

I've always been reluctant to get family photos done because so many of them look staged and clichéd. I was looking for someone who could capture candid moments of our family having fun rather than standing in positions for portraits. That's when I found Heidi.

Heidi made us feel totally comfortable and let me choose the locations, outfits, props and activities... to tell the story of the things our family usually do together. She asked me a few questions before our shoot which was great because when she arrived she knew what I wanted, which meant we could relax. I'm not a crier but when I opened the slideshow I did shed some tears. I highly recommend her if you're looking for photos that share the story of your family. And if you're considering working with her: just trust in the process because Heidi is a master.

- Corinne R


Hi there, I'm Heidi

I have two crazy energetic boys aged 5 and 8, a hubby who likes avoiding photos and reno projects and a big fluffy dog who is our baby. We live at Burleigh and other than those 2 months of the year I have to wear a cardi, you’ll usually find us in the pool, up a creek, or at the beach. The water is our happy place. ​


We took a trip to North Straddie last year and when we got back I put all our pics in a slideshow for the boys to watch (like you’ll get after a session with me, with tear-jerking music and magical pics of your own little loves!). On the last day of our trip I handed my camera to hubby so I could be in a photo, my little guy saw this photo and said “Mum, you were there!”. 


Seriously?!?!? You don’t remember I was there??? I realised that he is relying completely on our photos to form the memory of his childhood. And seeing I’m his favourite person, being in one photo on the last day just isn’t enough! The pictures we take are SO powerful in shaping our families memories, in showing them they are loved.

Stop and think about the photos you treasure from your own childhood. If you’re like most people, they’re the everyday photos that show the beautiful mess, emotion and chaos of family life. 

Please don’t wait for things to be perfect. Give your family and yourself the gift of remembering how life together feels. Let’s find the joy right there in your own story- the things you love to do, the places you love to be, let’s make photos showing the real you.

x Heidi

Ready to book your session? 

Ready to book your session? 


Tell the story of your family.

Capture the love, laughs and adventures that fill your hearts with joy in this season of life.

Hey mum!

I see you there - scrolling…scrolling…knowing you need to be IN those photos with your babies, waiting for the right time, waiting for ‘perfect’ to happen. 


But guess what?

Your kids don’t see those extra kilos or that half done kitchen, they feel the laughs you share there, they crave the fun adventures you go on together. This chapter is just one of many you’ll share as a family and you deserve a place beside them in their stories.



Tell the story of your family.

Capture the love, laughs and adventures that fill your hearts with joy in this season of life.