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The Bates' Extended Family Photography at Home

Julie was lucky enough (in my opinion) to be gifted an extended family session from her beautiful kids. We decided to do it at their family home they fondly refer to as ‘The Bates Estate’, as the kids grew up in this house, and now their kids love to visit Nannie and Poppy here too.

We picked lemons and swang on the swings, we explored their gorgeous yard and stopped for photos and afternoon tea of Nannie's famous lemon meringue pie and ice-cream on the deck. It was nothing special and everything special all at the same time.

Afterwards, Julie left me the sweetest message that I have to share with you because it encapsulates how special it is to capture the chapter.

“I’m forever grateful that you captured my family just as I see them myself. I feel blessed to have the most adorable children and grandchildren. Our home is a haven full of shared love and where we make wonderful memories together. The essence of this is in every photo. Thank you once again.” ~ Julie Bates

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