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What to Wear for Extended Family Photos

As if picking outfits for your own family isn't hard enough, now you're getting together for photos with your WHOLE family and somehow you'd like to look 'nice' without looking like a giant 90's boy band? Right? If you're looking for ideas on what to wear for extended family photos, you've come to the right place.

I sometimes attempt this with my own family and there's always that painful uncle who wants to wear his favourite crazy shirt, or that niece who prefers to look like a homeless fairy. I get it, it's not worth starting WW3 over and sometimes we actually WANT to remember them like this anyway. If you're a 'we want their personality to shine' family then release the fairy, if you need some gentle guidance, then read on... If each family member is comfortable and feels good in what they are wearing they are more likely to be themselves and have fun on the day. If you love flowy dresses and it suits the location and activities, then go for it! If you're having a family BBQ at the beach then shorts and singlets might totally be fine! A few ideas that might help...

COLOURS Stick to 4 or 5. Either go with neutrals (black, white/cream, browns, greys) then pick a couple of other colours that most people might like/have (blues/denim/navy, pinks/maroons, greens etc) OR get everyone to wear 'earthy tones' ie not too bright but any colour is fine (think rust, olive, sage, burgundy, navy, mustard, browns). LOGOS Avoid any big logos or words. We want your faces to stand out, not your Nike shirt.


Mixing in a few patterns is great! A few floral dresses or gently patterned shirts are great to break up any who prefer plain colours. Try to avoid everyone wearing patterns.


If you really love a certain colour, mix it up with different fabrics and textures, pants, dresses, jackets etc so it all ties in together without everyone wearing exactly the same shorts and t-shirts.

Check out a few families who nailed it...


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