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Top 3 Reasons to do Newborn Photos at home

A baby girl sleeping in cot

I know, I know, the idea of having someone you barely know come into your home when you're navigating life with a new baby can seem a little scary. You know it will be a blur of sleepless nights and loved-up cuddles and feeding and changing on repeat. You want to capture this precious time before this chapter has too quickly moved on to the next.

After having two boys of my own and two newborn sessions in a studio, feeling awkward and posed and covered in my own baby's wee, I thought to myself, there MUST be a better way! So when I began my own business a few years later, I knew I wanted my clients to have photos that were easy, fun and really meant something to their family. A true story of life at this time. If that's not enough to convince you, here are my top 3 reasons to do newborn photos at home.

a family gathered around a new baby

1. You don't have to leave home with a newborn

Who knew that actually getting out the door would be such a difficult task with a newborn baby? Are they fed, changed, not crying? Do they hate the car? Need a cuddle? Did you pack ALL THE THINGS. Doing the session at home means we organise a time, I rock up, and we can start the session whenever bub is ready. If they need a feed or a change then we can absolutely get photos of all these everyday things that are part of your lives together. If bub is unsettled and we need to stop for a feed or burp or to change a poop explosion, we are SO okay to let bub run the show!

A family holding a newborn baby

2. Everyone can just relax!

Let's face it, you're probably as tired as you've EVER been. You're probably trying to conserve energy between coffees and day naps. This might be the first shower you've had for a while. It's OKAY! If you just feel like snuggling on the bed or couch, or your older kids want to burn energy in the yard, or hubby needs to sneak off to answer a few emails whilst you're feeding bub, all those things are totally fine. If you want the dog or cat in your family pics, or Nan pops in for a cuddle and a few photos, I'm happy to capture your day however it happens.

A mum holding a new baby

3. Your home is part of your baby's story

SO many Mums think their home is not photogenic, or it's not their 'forever home' or they are half way through painting the baby's room or renovating the kitchen or blah blah blah.... The thing is, this home is the one you brought your baby home to. Love it or not, it will forever be the start of their story, the first chapter of your lives together.

In 30 years time, they won't care about how insta-worthy their room was, they will want to see their first dog sniffing their toes, Daddy trying to get their tiny arm in that 'stupid onesie', how tiny they looked in Mum's arms as you rocked them to sleep. Trust me, those are the photos that will matter.

So if you're searching for newborn photography Gold Coast and feeling like putting your baby in a flower pot is not really your vibe, get in touch and I'd be honoured to capture all the most precious parts of this chapter for your family.


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