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For guaranteed fun at your family photography session, just add water

I have a secret for guaranteed fun at a family photography session – just add water. It's hard not to be having fun when you're flying down a slip 'n' slide, or jumping waves with your little ones. And thankfully, life on the Gold Coast is fairly well centred around water, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for me to bust out my underwater housing for my camera! The beauty of this waterproof contraption is that it allows me to really get in and capture the fun, rather than standing back trying to dodge water droplets.

Some of the ways we can 'just add water' to your family photo session is to do cannon balls into the pool (if you have one) or head to the nearest beach or creek for a dip. If you're keen to get really creative, we can set up a slip 'n' slide, fire up the water pistols and have a good ol' fashioned water pistol shoot-out (or water bomb fight), dash through the sprinkler or hook the hose up to the trampoline Bluey-style (if you know, you know). Little ones can splash in a kiddie pool, while big kids can grab surf boards or boogie boards and hit the waves.

I will always get the 'nice' photos at the start of the session (while everyone is dry), then the real fun begins. If you're keen to book a water session for your next family photos, get in touch!

Check out some of the water-based fun below ...

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