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Mum's 70th Extended Family Photo Session

kids and grandparent blowing out birthday candles

Big Nanna (as we affectionately call her because her Mum was already Little Nanna) was so excited to have as all together for a long weekend of fun and feasting, so of course we had to carve out some time for an extended family photo session.

With school and work and sport, and my parents 'hectic' retirement schedule, it's actually quite the challenge to get us all together outside of Christmas, so we made sure to get some updated family photos with ALL of us in them, not in our pyjamas.

We planned a lazy afternoon at my parents farm, fed the cows, lit 70 candles (so all the cousins had some to blow out) and got some 'nice' photos with Nanna.

We can always rely on someone in our family to be in a 'mood', and those photos are almost always my favourite. The award this time went to my niece (the little Wednesday Adams kid at the back) who wanted to TAKE the photos and not blow out the candles or be in a photo with Nanna. Someday she can come work for me.

If you have a big family birthday coming up soon and know it's the perfect opportunity to trap your family and get them in photos together, get in touch. I'd love to capture the smiles, the moods and the 'in case you die' photos for your family too (that's my Mum's phrase, not mine, although it is growing on me).

Take a peek at the gallery below ...


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