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Family photos at home with the Richardsons

A family standing out the front of their home with a surfboard ready for the beach

The Richardsons are a beach-loving family and live a short stroll from the beach at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast. For their session, we started at their home, blowing bubbles and riding bikes on the rooftop terrace. The kids showed me their bedroom and we danced in the living room before we packed a bag and head down to the beach for a paddle on the surfboard.

These kids are absolute water babies and had the best time splashing around. The beauty of my underwater housing means I can get right up close and capture all of those genuine smiles and moments you want to remember forever. The session ended with nudie runs in the front yard as we washed off all of the fun from the beach.

That's the thing with family photos at home. They don't need to be this elaborate run sheet with loads of things to tick off. In fact, the best sessions are usually the ones with a loose plan and then we go with the flow and let the kids run the show.

Take a peek at the gallery below ...


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