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The Talic family photos at Talle Creek

Oooooh it's my turn! Usually I'm more than happy to hide behind the camera and we often joke that my husband looks like a really awesome single dad, doing all the fun stuff with our two boys. After a few years of realising I'm missing from a lot of our family adventures I've been making an effort to 'practice what I preach' and get some family photos done so I can just relax and be the fun mum without worrying about setting everything up.

We just bought a new house (yay!) and as much as I'm excited about the next chapter and would love to capture our lives there, we've had a pretty awesome time living in our slightly dodgy rental in Talle Valley. We love the in-ground trampoline here, the backyard soccer and, of course, the beautiful creek adventures directly across the road. There have also been some more mundane things we wanted to capture, like the never ending citrus we can't possibly consume or give away, the water tanks we have to keep paying to fill, and the fridge that lives in the shed because it is too big to fit through the door of the house.

We also bought our retro van since moving here. We love playing the 'chocolate game' whilst camping and making smores by the campfire.

We will likely do a lot of these things in our next chapter too, but I was keen to remember this one just as it was – short and sweet.

See some of our shenanigans below or keep an eye on my Instagram for a post where I walk you through how I put together our outfits for that slightly coordinated but not matching look. What activities would you like to remember about your current chapter? It doesn't have to be anything big, or even your 'forever home', this was a short but sweet moment in our family story, but I'm glad we documented it.

(Photos taken by my lovely friend Alysha and edited by me)

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